Friday, July 13, 2007

Birthday gift to my brother

I have bought my brother an USB memory stick for his birthday gift that passed two weeks ago :-(

I had been having no interest of this sort, so I was surprised to see that this 4GB, SLC one costs only about $60(maybe cheaper outside Korea)!

Now it is pretty possible that some kind of 'system' can be installed on it. A MIDI working environment, for example, with his favorite sound sources. Or a quite mobile DB server with some kind of information like his/her own pictures? It may be quite searchable then(you know, most modern DBs support images to be inserted as a field). And while we're at it, it may contain some web server(it can be as light as calc.exe! :D) for user-friendly interface to manage data in it.

Brave new world!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

While Dual/Quad core CPUs dominate...

I'm reading 'An Algorithm for Subgraph Isomorphism(Ullmann, 1974)'
which was referenced by 'Network Motif Discovery Using Subgraph
Enumeration and Symmetry-Breaking(Grochow and Kellis)'.

It's a bit interesting to read this line:

'A parallel asynchronous logic-in-memory implementation of a
vital part of this algorithm is also described, although this hardware has not
actually been built. The hardware implementation would allow
very rapid determination of isomorphism'

Now 30 years have passed,
and Dual-Core and even Quad-Core CPUs are largely in use.
Multi-thread programming is universal nowadays.

I don't know J. R. Ullmann personally,
how old he is... what he is doing now...

but I wonder he is living a better life now.